pHformula dermatological skin resurfacing


pHformula takes skin resurfacing to the next level by introducing an “outside-in” and “inside-out” philosophy. With no post-procedural redness or tightness, the biggest single benefit of pHformula resurfacing is no downtime, no visible peeling, and no impact on social interactions.

Traditional chemical peels using high concentrations of acids can cause tissue damage and inflammation. pH formula uses unique, controlled chemical resurfacing. Controlled chemical resurfacing depends not only on the choice, nature, and concentration of acids but also on their availability to deliver them into the skin. pH formula has a unique bioavailable ‘delivery complex’ that can deliver the maximum delivery of protons in a uniform manner without causing excessive skin irritation.

All treatments and formulae used in pHformula are supported by more than 30 years of combined scientific and medical experience. The pHformula range provides bespoke solutions to the common skin disorders of ageing, acne, pigmentation, and chronic redness.

The unique combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids as well as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and trace elements within pHformula stimulate cellular repair and turnover, in turn increasing collagenases and improving elastin fibres, tyrosinase inhibition (pigmentation), and sebum control, as well as regulating and suppressing the symptoms associated with sensitive skin. pHformula sets the standard with scientific proof for advanced skin resurfacing technology.

Practitioners and patients alike report near 100% patient satisfaction, remarking on an immediate improvement in the softness, radiance, and integrity of the skin.

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