NOON AETHETICS DERMSHIELD TECHNOLOGY – the new gold standard in medical grade skincare


The new gold standard in medical
grade skincare

NOON Aesthetics delivers results without having to compromise the quality of treatment. Using DermShield, a proprietary breakthrough skincare technology, NOON Aesthetics products deliver the highest concentration of active ingredients safely and without irritation, guaranteeing the
most impressive results for various skin problems: acne, rosacea, pigmentation, seborrhea, fine lines, wrinkles, and all skin types and ethnicities, all year round.

Maximising the potency of therapeutic skincare such as AHA/BHA peels and creams requires a high acid concentration and a low pH level, which are conditions that can lead to side effects such as itching, stinging, redness, swelling, and discomfort.
That is why other skincare manufacturers reduce the concentration of active ingredients and increase the pH level of their products, resulting in a much less effective treatment.

DermShield technology enables the use of high-concentration levels of active ingredients without the risk of side effects on all skin types, all year-round.



1. DermShield temporarily inhibits the chemical-sensitive receptors in the skin (called Type
C Nociceptors) which are responsible for triggering neurogenic inflammation.
2. By inhibiting neurogenic inflammation, DermShield dramatically reduces the
development, incidence, and severity of skin irritation and erythema.
3. This is what allows NOON™ to significantly increase the concentration of active
ingredients without triggering adverse side effects such as excessive irritation and

Due to Noon Aesthetics power and potency, only clinics and medspa have accreditation to
provide treatments, and only after professional consultation can active home care products be
prescribed. Pembroke Aesthetics is proud to represent and offer a wide range of professional-
grade skincare solutions for in-clinic treatments and for daily home use.

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