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Agne & Iryna

Advanced Facialist

Laboratoires FILLMED has designed, developed and marketed anti-ageing products for medical aesthetic professionals since 1978: for surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners. These products correct the signs of ageing and improve skin quality.

Treatment 1: NCTF 135 HA – Revitalize Skin Quality with NCTF

What defines perfect skin? At Pembroke Aesthetic, we believe it’s more than just a lack of wrinkles; it’s about achieving the epitome of skin health and radiance. Our NCTF 135 HA treatment is a game-changer in this pursuit. This unique formula is unparalleled in its ability to enhance skin quality, bringing forth the glow of healthy, radiant skin from within.

For us, beauty isn’t merely skin deep; it’s a harmonious balance of body and soul. With NCTF 135 HA, you can unlock enduring, natural beauty that transcends superficial flaws, revealing the true essence of your skin.

Treatment 2: M-HA 10 – Skin Booster Injection Kit with Uncrosslinked Hyaluronic Acid

Introducing M-HA 10, your ultimate skin booster solution from FillMed Laboratoires. Designed to combat the effects of aging on your skin, M-HA 10 is a visco-elastic solution that replenishes lost hyaluronic acid, restoring hydration, radiance, and elasticity to your skin.

Hyaluronic acid, the miracle ingredient in skincare, works wonders once injected. By replenishing the skin’s natural hydration levels, it firms and tightens, combating sagging and rejuvenating your appearance. As we enter the winter months, where dry skin prevails, M-HA 10 becomes even more essential. With its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid ensures your skin remains hydrated and supple despite the harsh weather conditions.

Experience the transformative power of NCTF 135 HA and M-HA 10 at Pembroke Aesthetic. Say hello to revitalized, radiant skin that reflects the true essence of beauty. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a journey to flawless skin with us.

Had a fantastic consultation with Agne who gave a very thorough, helpful and knowledgeable review of my skin. Very detailed, hard working + committed. I came away with some very useful new knowledge + a lovely new skin product.

-Fresha Review-

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