Agne & Iryna

Advanced Facialist

Iryna and Agne’s experience lies with tackling skin concerns, thus providing for optimal results in skin restoration, correction and the repair of natural barriers. Hyperpigmentation is one of the skin conditions we treat most commonly in our clinic.


A number of factors can trigger an increase in melanin production, but the main ones are sun exposure, causing age spots (sun spots), hormonal changes usualy bringing up melasma, and skin injuries provoke post-inflammation hyperpigmentation.

Even while darkish patches or spots that give the appearance of uneven skin are mostly an aesthetic problem, most clients would prefer to see smoother, more even skin.


Peels and microneedling are procedures that have proven to be quite effective in reducing hyperpigmentation, which may happen from either sun damage, hormonal impact and inflammatory reactions.

A fully customisable and tailored treatment. Following an elaborate skin-consultation with Iryna or Agne, a treatment plan is drawn to tackle your skin Hyperpigmentation concerns. At Pembroke Aesthetics, our approach combines a blend of effective therapies, including chemical peels to reduce pigmented skin appearance along with powerful home care routine for brighter and more even skin tone.

”I went to Iryna for a facial aimed at treating uneven skin texture and it was amazing. My skin has been glowing since I’ve done it and she was really helpful in suggesting products I could use at home. I highly recommend and will definitely return!”

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