Agne & Iryna

Advanced Facialist


Pembroke Aesthetics was founded by a pair of passionate, highly qualified, and motivated facial therapists. Pembroke Aesthetics offers a selection of services catering to all skin types including a variety of bespoke facials. Among these are professional consultations and treatments tailored to individual skin concerns.

Iryna’s and Agne’s areas of expertise encompass a broad range of skin conditions, including; acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sensitivity, and ageing.

Whether the client is looking for a luxury, relaxing, or more advanced facial, Pembroke Aesthetics tailors facials to the individual. Excelling with specialised services such as signature facial treatments, resurfacing peels, and micro-needling, we promise to make your facial experience unforgettable.


Pembroke Aesthetics invests in knowledge, seeking the best solutions for various skin concerns. Introducing our specially selected skincare partners…


pHformula takes skin resurfacing to the next level by introducing an “outside-in” and “inside-out” philosophy. With no post-procedural redness or tightness, there is no downtime, no visible ‘peeling’, and no impact on social interactions.


NOON Aesthetics delivers results without having to compromise the quality of treatment. Using DermShield, a proprietary breakthrough skincare technology, NOON Aesthetics products deliver the highest concentration…


Forlle’d’s patented formula is a powerful treatment that combines ultra-low molecular ingredients with a unique delivery system to produce highly effective formulas for rejuvenating your skin.

THESERA transformative skin care backed by science

THESERA formulates cosmeceuticals of the finest quality, sourcing effective natural ingredients and
applying their patented nanotechnology for enhanced skin penetration.

Iryna’s and Agne’s experience lies in tackling skin conditions, thus providing optimal results in skin restoration, correction, and the repair of natural barriers. No matter the concern, Pembroke Aesthetics will masterfully craft a facial for you.


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Love Notes

The appointment was fantastic!

I’m a regular client of Iryna’s and totally trust her with my face 🙂 Every time I’m just asking for advice and following Iryna’s recommendation, my skin feels great after it.

Thank you, Iryna!

I had stubborn acne and rosacea for a while, and my skin has already improved a lot since I started doing different treatments in the clinic and using products suited for my skin at home.

Warmth and Courtesy

I feel warmth and courtesy from Agne whenever I come for facial treatment.

I highly recommend Agne
I had complexes mostly about my scars on the cheeks, but after treatments have been done, they are even not noticeable. I even started to rarely wear make-up, so satisfied with my skin!

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Dublin 2
(083) 895 9727
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